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Did You Know PRP Therapy May Work for Pets?

Dogs and cats can suffer from conditions like osteoarthritis just like humans can. Platelet-rich plasma therapy has become a hot new treatment for people for conditions such as arthritis, and it has been used to some extent in horses, too. So it's only natural that vets have started looking at using the treatment on cats and dogs. The good news is that this may be a viable treatment to help make your pet feel better. Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic in Centennial offers this if you would like to know more.

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From Horses to Dogs

As PRP has made its way into the medical mainstream, it's gone from humans to horses, and now dogs may be the next to benefit. Studies are still being conducted to determine what the positive effects may be, but so far, no adverse effects have been reported. In PRP, the patient's own blood is filtered and processed so that it contains more platelets than usual, and then the prepared blood is re-injected into the patient at the site of whatever problem is being treated. Other than the blood draw and injection -- which are never fun for pets, admittedly -- this is a fairly non-invasive procedure that doesn't take long to complete.

Right now, the main targets of PRP in pets are arthritis in cats and arthritis in dogs. Lab data have been promising, which means research is likely to continue and narrow down the circumstances in which successful PRP treatments abound. It's worth talking to your vet about whether this treatment would be right for your cat or dog.

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