Animal Staff

  • Brimley

    We rescued Brimley (born 2002), from the Humane Society in 2007. He is a British Shorthair with distinguished tastes. He prefers to eat freshly dispensed dry food 2 times a day. We always indulge his request as a reward for giving up cigars and brandy, his former guilty pleasures. His favorite person in the entire world is Dr. Shannon.

  • Ramon

    Ramón, an orange male tabby (born 2010), was found at 4 weeks of age with a broken back leg and a front leg with nerve damage. With surgery, physical therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture, Ramón has made a full recovery, running and playing as if nothing ever happened. Although timid and shy at first, he is very sweet once you get to know him.

  • Ghibli

    Ghibli is a 7 y/o m/n Perisan that was born at the clinic as part of a litter of 6. Homes were found for the rest of the litter and he stayed here because he was the cutest. Actually he was quite a bit smaller than the rest of the kittens and we wanted to make sure he did not have any health problems due to that. He is totally perfect and is a very happy clinic cat.

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