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  • Proud to be an independently owned private practice
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  • Cherry Knolls is AAHA Accredited
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  • Same Day Stem Cell and PRP Therapy
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Welcome to Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic

Independently owned and operated 

Since 2003 by Dr. Meghan Shannon

Call us at 303-779-1170

At Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic we offer quality comprehensive pet care, and we take pride in being the top veterinarian in Centennial and the surrounding areas. We are "fear free" certified. This means that you can feel confident that your pet will be made to feel as comfortable and happy as possible during their visit. We love animals and we do our best to keep our patients at ease throughout any procedure they need. Many of our patients walk in and out of the office with their tail wagging happily. We take pride in being the veterinarian in Centennial that pets like to return to for their appointment.

dogs and cats

Services Offered at Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic

We strive to provide all the care your pet could need at one convenient location for your convenience and your pet's safety.

Comprehensive Exams – The vet will perform a full check up on your pet including the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, gums, from snout to tail and anything in between. These exams occur during each yearly appointment and at vaccination appointments. We also provide specialized exams for puppies and kittens that include vaccines. 

Parasite Prevention - Deworming, fecal exams, and medication administration for parasites are all a part of having a healthy pet. 

Dental Care - We offer dental services to make sure that your pet has a happy, infection free and pain-free life. 

Surgery - We offer a variety of surgical procedures, on site. Including spaying, neutering, wound repairs, and many other common pet surgeries. 

Stem Cell Therapy -This treatment uses your pets stem cells to treat osteoarthritis and other conditions in aging dogs. Your pet can have increased mobility and less pain with this technology, using their own cells. 

Laser Therapy - This therapy uses red and infrared lasers over the injured or pained areas to increase healing and reduce pain. It  improves circulation and reduces inflammation and is effective for many pet conditions 

PRP Therapy - Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is an effective way to use your pet's own blood to help them recover from orthopedic conditions and osteoarthritis. We offer it to help your aging or injured pet. 

Contact us to Schedule Your Pets Next Veterinary Appointment!

Cherry Knolls Veterinary Clinic is your Centennial vet for top quality pet care, so call today  303 -779-1170 to schedule your pet's next veterinary appointment. We can help them age comfortably, perform yearly exams, vaccinations, and help them heal from any ailment or injury. We are the top vet in Centennial and the surrounding areas. 


Dr. Meghan Shannon
Centennial Veterinarians

Meet the Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Darian VT
    Veterinary Technician

    Darian came on board in September and we are so happy to have found her! She is a Bel-Rea student on hiatus, and fits into our family seamlessly!

  • Nicole CSS
    Client Service Specialist

    Nicole joined our team in September and hopefully you have had a chance to talk to her on the phone! She and MaryLee bring years of experience to our service staff. A graduate of The University of Wyoming, she loves theater and dance.

  • Amanda
    Tech Assistant

    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Amanda has always loved animals, and since child hood has wanted to be a Veterinarian. She graduated with her B.S. in Biology from MSUD December of 2011 and plans to pursue Veterinary school in the near future.

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  • MaryLee CSS
    Client Service Specialist

    MaryLee  runs the front desk for us. She is so friendly and works so hard to keep us all on schedule. She has years of experience in the field, and it shows!

  • Chelsea
    Tech assistant/CSR

    Chelsea is someone you will see at the front or the back of the hospital, she is learning to do it all! An Arkansas native, she loves all that Colorado has to offer. 

  • Maria
    Certified Veterinary Technican

    Maria is our inventory manager and Certified Veterinary Technician.She has a menagerie at home,  2 cats, 3 dogs and a human toddler!

  • Taya

    Taya has over 30 years experience in Animal Medicine...getting a picture of her is tough, so we thought we would put one up of her hard at work!

  • Dr. Meghan Shannon, DVM

    Dr. Shannon grew up in Buffalo, NY and received her BS from Cornell University. She graduated with a DVM from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000.

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  • Tery
    Practice Manager

    Tery joined the team in May 2014. She brings with her 28 years of experience in the veterinary medicine field. She enjoys the small family feel of Cherry Knolls.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The entire staff of Cherry Knolls Vet Clinic were incredible. I thought I had a really dramatic dog that was terrified of nail trims and shots.... I was proven wrong. They took such great care of my dog that I didn't hear her scream from a nail trim once. Thank you for putting us both at ease during our visit. See you in a couple weeks for our booster :)"
    Brooke A.
  • "The people at Cherry Knolls took such good care of my dog and me when it was time for us to say goodbye. I am so appreciative of their care and ultimately their support when the time came. They are knowledgeable and were always able to see us, even on short notice. We were so very thankful for their love and attention."
    Jennifer G.
  • "The team at Cherry Knolls is amazing. Been in SE Denver for a year now and Brutus (our 6 year old English Bully) is in good hands. Dr. Shannon just corrected his entropion. Terry has been amazing with followups, appointment reminders and explaining and helping me with billing. Everyone here has been amazing and I would highly recommend them."
    JB P.
  • "We have been going to Cherry Knolls for several years. They have seen us through some difficult times with our older cats. They are always very knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring. Both Dr. Shannon is great. We especially appreciate that they know us by name and know each of our cats and their needs. Their techs are also excellent."
    Helene C.
  • "I love this clinic!! They have taken care of both our dogs for years! They are kind, companionate, flexible and are good at what they do."
    Heather H.
  • "The clinic hours are very convenient, the techs are always in a good mood, even if they have to clean up after a pet! Most of all, Dr. Shannon is the greatest! She treats your pet better than most pediatricians treat your human children."
    Julie F.
  • "We really appreciate the vets Drs. Shannon and Lauria and staff @ Cherry Knolls Vet who have taken such good care of Foxy, Jack, & Baby, over the years with a special thanks to Tery for keeping track of all our needs!"
    Karen H.
  • "Professional and caring staff (: The nurse and doctor were very gentle and knowledgeable and I feel great with my decision to bring our fur baby here."
    Celia L.
  • "Dr. Shannon and staff are the most knowledgeable, caring vet office we have ever experienced. Our entire family trusts our fur babies care with Cherry Knolls."
    Valerie P.
  • "I am confident entrusting my pets to their care. They are excellent doctors and the staff is great."
    Nancy D.
  • "Have been bringing our dog, Nox, since a puppy and love Dr. Shannon and the staff at Cherry Knolls!
    Love them..."
    Lesa R.
  • "The doctor and staff are very loving and caring with my cat Hau'oli."
    Michael R.

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